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Clive Bennewith & team

Clive is the founder of the Invicta Aero Club having seen many pilots gain their licences fly for short period and stop flying.  Most schools don't engage with Private Pilots, nor offer advanced training or create a fun atmosphere to operate from. 

What we have at Invicta Aero Club is a cost efficient way of continuing your passion, providing a way to add ratings and experiences and enjoy club flyouts reaching new destinations and learning from others.

All of this couldn't happen without a great team of highly professional, highly trained individuals who have that same passion of aviation, and here at Invicta we have around 7 freelance instructors with many years of experience.

Invicta aero family

Clive Bennewith
Director, instructor and display pilot.

Clive started to learn aged 14yrs, completing a lesson every 6 weeks from a paper round money.

Three years later he was a qualified PPL.  Following a career in the Police Service Clive is now a Commercial Pilot flying for a major charter airline from Gatwick.  Clive is passionate about aviation and in particular General aviation, he flies all the aircraft in the club, displays the Pitts Special and is keen to pass on his experiences to new pilots. 

Clive is the founder of Invicta Aero Club and I'm sure we will see his junior's joining the membership soon.

Instructor Kent
Instructor Kent

Trevor Preston
Head of training, instructor in all Club aircraft.

Flying has been a life long passion of Trevor, since that first trip in Cessna 172 from Clacton-On-Sea at the age of 3 and joining the Air Training Corps when his first solo was in an open cockpit glider.  The Kirby Cadet Mk3 Glider took Trevor solo on his 16th birthday.

He flies all of the Club Aircraft, both for instructing and pleasure.  He has instructed on various types of aircraft including gliders, microlights,Ultralights, light aircraft, vintage aircraft and even the odd jet over 46 years.  His love and passion is passed onto our membership and fellow flying buddies and leads our team of many instructors.  

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