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All Inclusive training packages

These packages are intended for non Aero Club members who wish to train for a short period of time to enhance their skills and gain additional qualifications.  If you require full membership to conduct a Pilots course please request a membership form.  


The below training packages are an ‘all inclusive package’ except for the items listed (for example CAA application fee).  When comparing these packages with other organisations, please be aware of additional aircraft rental for flight test, airport fees and examiner fees etc.  Out of package hours which may be necessary to meet the required standard are invoiced after the flight and must be paid within 7 days at the following rates: -

C152 £199/hr 7ECA £225/hr

PA28-181 £260/hr PA28RT £290/hr all dual. 


Full package payment is required before training can commence.  If serviceability or matters out of the Aero clubs control force you to cease training, you will be refunded the pro-rata hourly fee not flown, minus the full membership fee and other expenses encountered.

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