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PPL to Commercial licence
Learn to Fly here in Kent.

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be flying an aeroplane on your own ?
Here at Invicta Aero Club you can train onto become a commercial pilot, and one day fly around the world as a career.
All of our initial pilot training is conducted at a neighbouring airfield.  Unfortunately Rochester Airport restrict Ab-initio training.
The positioning flight is not charged to the member.  Landing fee's are applicable, please contact us to discuss.

What We



Light Aeroplane Pilots Licence.

30 hours min training and restricted to UK, 3 passengers and 2 ton aircraft.

Instrument ratings cannot be added.


Night rating

5 hours training, allows a PPL to fly VFR during the hours of darkness. 

Normally completed during the winter months.


Complex conversion

Aircraft fitted with variable pitch propellers, retractable undercarriage, electronic flight displays require a course to learn how to operate and deal with emergencies.  These aircraft offer faster cruising speeds.



Full Private Pilots Licence.  Min 45 hours training.

Allows pilots to fly internationally and continue onto additional ratings and eventually commercial licence.


Instrument rating

With 15 hours flight training, a PPL can fly with sole references to the aircraft instruments in clouds.  This can allow pilots to conduct a CBIR with further experience. 


CPL Preparation and hour building

Hour building is required to prepare you with sufficient experience before completing a commercial pilots course and test.  At Invicta you will be mentored to ensure you obtain the best from the hours and expense.

All our ground school for the nine exams are conducted online with our partners at EasyPPL.
Click on the link below to visit our ground school page to enrol on your next course.  Once the course is complete all CAA exams are completed here at Invicta Aero Club.
Learning at Invicta offers some real life experiences with airline pilots who are professional and dedicated in passing on their knowledge.  
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