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  • Can I book a Flight Experience flight
    The Kent air experience flights are flown by our elite team of pilots, who manage and fly your experiences totally for FREE. They receive no payment and will assist in every way to ensure your flying encounter is one to remember. Even our Aerobatic experience pilots are not paid for their time. Enjoy every minute and take lots of pictures.
  • Will I receive a voucher for my gift/ Gift?
    The Team will contact you to discuss if you would like a voucher. This will be sent out first class post after confirmation with the details provided on the purchase order.
  • Can I bring people to watch ?
    Yes, of course. We welcome you to bring your family to watch you enjoy your experience. There are viewing areas at Rochester where you can see the aircraft depart and land.
  • I am outside the required for weight/ Height can I still fly ?
    Unfortunately these restrictions are due to the certified limitations on the aircraft and therefore we cannot fly the aircraft overweight or with restrictions inside the cockpit.
  • What shall I wear ?
    Light aircraft do have heaters in cold weather. Please bare in mind airfield can be windy cold places and therefore suitable clothing should be worn. Trousers, jumpers and light weight trainers, shoes are ideal. For our Pitts Special aerobatic experience no loose items can be carried in the aircraft. So keys coins etc must be left on the ground.
  • Why don't you have a point of contact on the phone?
    Our whole operation is paperless and remote. We do not employ individuals to staff a desk, hence we can offer rates others can't consider, benefiting yourself as soon as you start flying.
  • How do I become a member?
    Please complete the contact us form, detailing the membership category required. Confirmation will be made, and a membership form sent which includes payment details.
  • I already have a PPL. can I join the Club?
    Yes, of course. We welcome all Pilots, and if you have a lapsed PPL, we will quickly complete a bespoke course to meet your needs and arrange for a test.
  • I have a Microlight Licence, can I fly the Cessna's ?"
    Yes. You will need to complete a conversion course and apply for a licence.
  • How do I go about booking an aircraft with an instructor?
    Once you have membership, you will be invited to download our bespoke operation App. This will allow you to book the aircraft, instructors are all freelance and details will be passed to make contact to arrange a suitable time.
  • What are your currency requirements?
    All new members have a 28 day currency. After a period of down time, normally winter, individual skill fade will be assessed and this period may be extended upto 60 days. This may not relate to each aircraft type depending on experience.
  • When do I have to pay for my rental ?
    You will be invoiced by email, mid month and at the end of the month for your tacho used respectively. You have 7 days to pay the invoice.
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