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Pricing & Fees

Aircraft rates are fully inclusive of VAT fuel, Rochester landing fees. 


Student pilots are charged when their lessons commences, positioning flights are not charged, and the below rates are per 1 hour (chocks off, chocks on). 

PPL holders are charged per tacho hour on aircraft's RPM gauge.  This is  calculated at approx 1:10hr chock time (this will depend on how the aircraft is flown). 


The use of Garmin Pilot App and other equipment required to legally fly the aeroplane is included. Price vary with fuel rates each month and may go up or down accordingly.

Aircraft rates

PPL /tacho hour

Students chock hr.

Cessna 152 Aerobat  (2 seater)


Bellenca Citabria 7ECA  (2 seater)


Piper Archer II 180hp   (4 seater)


Piper Arrow IV               (4 seater)


Piper Cherokee SIX PA32-300 (6 seater)


Pitts Special S2B   1/2hr

Members rate for aerobatic flights


Instruction & Membership

Per 1:00 Hour

Standard PPL instruction

Refresh training & aircraft checkouts. 


Advanced instruction 

PPL training, Aerobatic, Tailwheel and complex type training


Advanced instrument instruction 

IR(R), training & IR(r) refresher training


Aero Club membership

Membership. (minimum 12 month subscription)

Family membership, (minimum 12 month subscription)

Associate/ Social 12 months

Temporary 1 month flying membership 

For non-members, come and train with us

£50/ month

£75/ month

£150/ year


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