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Training for a PPL

All Ab-initio (new PPL courses) are conducted by positioning a short hop to a neighbouring airport to complete your course (this is only for new pilots).  This is due to Rochester Airport restrictions on ab-initio training. 

We also can re validate your lapsed PPL.  Whether you have a JAR, EASA or CAA PPL, we are able to bring you up to speed on current changes and prepare you for a skill test with an examiner to refresh your licence. 

Why don't you add the SSEA rating on your microlight licence and come and fly our aircraft.

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Tail Wheel Rating

Come and fly our beautiful 1956 Bellanca Citabria

Excellent for tail wheel flying, farm strip hoping around the SE, or just fantastic calm summer evening flying.


We will tailor a course to meet your needs.


As with all our aircraft they are all fitted with Mode S, and Garmin Pilot App. 

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By far the most popular course within our membership.  While this is an EASA rating, it only applies in UK airspace and would normally only be held by UK pilots. It is especially useful for occasional IFR flight in poor weather and includes the Instrument Approach Procedures albeit with higher recommended minima. If you just want to fly mainly VFR but have some instrument skills for use in an emergency, cheaper courses using simple aircraft are likely to suit you better.

Our aircraft are fitted with the very best avionics, whether you require simple VFR ipad navigating, or full Airways we have something to meet your needs.


The Aerobatic Rating is a lifetime rating. It may be undertaken by any pilot with a UK CAA issued Licence who has completed at least 40 hours of flight time as PIC in the appropriate aircraft category, since the issue of their licence.

All our Aerobatic training is conducted in our Cessna G-FLIP.  You will be legally able to perform solo aerobatics after you've obtained the rating.


Complex Types

Both our Piper Cherokee SIX & Arrow IV requires a conversion to complex type.  Our instructors will create a bespoke course for your needs and complete the elements for competency.  This maybe as little as 2-3 hours onto an aircraft which performs much greater than a standard Cessna 172 for example.

Cruise speeds :-

Arrow IV 140kts

Cherokee Six 130kts

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