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Flying Displays with


The Pitts Special is a world class advanced aerobatic machine. 

Clive Bennewith our display pilot works closely with you to create a bespoke aerial display for your event.  Clive is an Airborne Flight Display Director and is able to complete CAA applications and approvals meaning the whole process is dealt with in house.

A Day to Remember

That special occasion will immediately turn into a truly memorable event, Weddings, village fetes, aerodrome airshows, memorial flybys and even a special birthday are all available.

Watch the Pitts Special conduct awe-inspiring stunts at your occasion. 

Smoke 'ON'

The Pitts Special is fitted with an upgraded smoke generating system and along with the three bladed composite propeller the noise and visuals are truly outstanding at any event.  The oil used is environmentally friendly, mineral based and fully 

biodegradable that has no additives and is non-toxic.

Filming and TV work

We are able to conduct Film and TV work with our actual flying aircraft, static and airborne alongside studio airframes with our partners at shoot aviation.

All flying is carried out in accordance with current CAA regulations and authorities, part SPO

Some of our previous work can be seen below. G-FLIP and instructor, Clive, making an appearance for H Samuel.

Click the link below to see it.

H Samuel Christmas Ad 2018

Apple TV Slow Horses, Season 2 2022

G-FLIP goes to the rescue, whilst our old C172 turns to the dark side in this thriller series.

Please contact us using the link below to discuss the requirements.

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