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See Kent from above flying in our aircraft, fly in formation with your friends, or even go for a full powered Aerobatic flight.

Click on our flights to see more details, get your flight voucher and let the fun begin.

Click here to see our video of all our flights.

'Click here' to purchase an e voucher gift card.

All our introduction flights are flown by an experienced Pilot who will guide you through a safety brief and review the aircraft safety features.  This type of flight is conducted in accordance with the CAA as an organisation involved in promoting aerial sport and leisure aviation.  You will receive an email from the Aero Club within 7 days from purchase to discuss a suitable time and day to conduct your flight.

The best way to see Kent from above.  Treat your friends, loved ones or family, brother sister, Mum, Dad, husband, wife we have to a voucher for everyone, and come explore the freedom of flight over the garden of England.  

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