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This two aircraft experience is available to those who want to fly alongside their friends or loved ones at the same time.  The 2 two seater aircraft will take off from Rochester with highly trained pilots, and join up for formation flying around Kent over the Garden of England.  This is a unique experience and only available at Rochester by the Invicta Aero Club team.  

35 minute Formation fun. Two aircraft experience, two person.

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Citabria = Max weight is 16 stone (100 kg) and the maximum height is 6' 4" (2.08 m).

    Cessna = Max weight is 15 stone (95 kg) and the maximum height is 6' 0" (1.86m) Minimum age is 14 years (adult supervision required on airfield premises for under 16's).

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